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About Evolution Ecology

Evolution Ecology Ltd uses numerous methods and techniques to provide accurate ecological information.

Digital sound acquisition (Batcorder/bat detectors) identifying the species of bat or bats.

The Batcorder

High resolution sound recordings - monitor bats - anytime, anywhere

Automated recording of bat calls

The Batcorder is the worldwide first data recorder that distinguishes bat calls from other sound sources in real-time (online signal analysis). Calls are recorded digitally as call sequence. Thus, bat calls can easily be sampled automatically at nearly every possible location. Bush crickets and other sounds, wind, water, rustling of leafs etc. are, under most circumstances, not recorded at all.

Batcorder Batcorder

Bottle trapping of protected amphibians.

Installation of refuges (carpet tiles) and inspection of log piles, rubble piles and compost heaps etc, for signs of protected reptile species.

Breeding site identification (badger setts, water vole burrows, bird nests etc).

Phase 1 and Extended Habitat Surveys

All surveys & mitigations are carried out to Natural England protected species guidelines, Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management guidance on survey methodology and to BS 5837 standard (trees)


Site Scoping and Initial Assessments
Great Crested Newt
Bats, Raptors and Reptiles
Water Voles, Badgers
Protected Species Flora and Fauna
BREEAM Code Assessment
Japanese Knotweed and Removal
Phase 1 Habitat / Extended
Bespoke Mitigation
Site Supervision and Toolbox Talk